Adult Group Yogas Classes

I offer group yoga classes in Tottenham and Crouch End

Where are you at?

You may be feeling like you don’t take time for yourself to exercise and relax, and you want to give yourself a time out from a busy work and home life. You might feel out of touch with your body, or feel tightness and tension there.

You’d like to get back in your body and stretch and tone up, while also recharging emotionally.

What problems might you be facing right now?

Perhaps you feel you are often rushing and stressing out? You may have trouble sleeping and relaxing your mind. Your body may feel stiff and achey from sitting for much of the day. You might also feel low on energy?

What do you need help with right now?

You need to start a regular yoga practice that will allow you to regain an inner calm, and help you gain strength and flexibility without tiring you out. You would like to feel in touch with your body again and relax your mind, and get a good night’s sleep.

Knowing you can help yourself feel refreshed and be in a great mood as you go about your daily life would be wonderful.

How can the group classes help you?

You will discover simple movements and breathing exercises that will help improve your wellbeing, strength and flexibility. Simply the action of giving yourself this time to move the body and relax works wonders.

You will be around like-minded people and in a welcoming, friendly environment where you can reconnect with your body and experience deep relaxation.

The memberships include:

  • Access to one or two classes per week
  • Discounts on upcoming private or 2:1 lessons
  • All equipment is provided so no need to bring mats to class

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